Goodfellows on BREXIT

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2016

Since the tumultuous news last Friday that the country has voted to leave the EU, much has been written and said about what is or isn't going to happen in this great country of ours.Most of it is of course, utter nonsense. But after weeks of the economy being talked down, by the very people who should have been talking it up, there was always going to be something of a hangover following the result. Indeed, as far as I can see, one of the biggest problems is the reactions of the very people employed by us to deal with such situations, the elected MPs. Just when they should be showing solidarity and leadership, they are either resigning or turning against each other in a desperate attempt to get the best for themselves, not for their country. Now is not the time to be jumping ship. Because the ship that is ‘Great Britain’ is not a sinking ship – it is simply sailing through unchartered waters. And as the great explorers of our rather more illustrious past showed, these should be exciting times, albeit approached with some degree of caution and perhaps a little trepidation. And who knows what we just find along the way. Perhaps a Great Britain that is truly democratic, a multi-cultural society that welcomes people from throughout the world who want to bring something positive to our society and where, as a country, we can grow, unimpeded and without the restrictions imposed by unelected bureaucrats.

As I write this the financial markets have begun to settle down, the FTSE 100 has gone back up and sterling has risen. No matter how we voted it is essential that we now stick together and promote a positive, united front and that our leaders do the same, throughout Europe…and the World.

Our area of expertise is of course, property. And whilst there are undoubtedly still some doom and gloom merchants about, Goodfellows can happily report that now that the hangover has cleared, viewings, offers and new instructions are all on the up. If you really want to sell this year, you need to choose an estate agent who is positive and upbeat, has the experience to deal with any hurdles along the way, is able to reach the maximum possible number of buyers and provides and good professional service at a realistic, highly competitive fee. Let’s make his work! Let’s put the ‘Great’ into Britain again!

Chris Goodfellow